Saturday, November 28, 2009

~What Else Is She Going To Say~

My mom, Lani and I decided to have a shopping day. We had a very productive and entertaining day. Here are a few things that came out of Lani's little mouth today -
* We were walking through the mall, when Lani noticed a lady wearing a Gamecock Shirt. Lani decides to tell her that her shirt is yucky, the Tigers are going to win today and that C.J. Spiller is going to win the Heisman Trophy. Luckily, the lady thought this was cute and laughed. This was also during the few minutes of the game that Clemson was winning.
*While we were at Sam's, my mom bought Lani the Kidz Bop Christmas CD. We listened to this the rest of the day. She decided that Feliz Navidad was going to be her favorite song of the day; however, Feliz Navidad was not coming out of her lips. While we were in Target, Lani kept saying "Police Be Not God." My mom and I kept saying stop and why are you saying that and she would give us this look like we had lost our minds and kept saying "Police Be Not God." - Turns out she was saying Feliz Navidad - So we have been practicing Feliz Navidad this evening. I would hate for her to go to church tomorrow saying that and everyone thinking my kid is crazy!!
*We also saw a little person on a scooter in Target and she clearly and loudly shouts - "Why is that man so little." Ok we keep walking over a few aisles and then explain to her that she just can't ask those kinds of things out loud in public!
*We also went to visit my Grandma Brown at the hospital. Well Lani found this AnMed Magazine with some new contraption that resembled a CT Scan machine. Well it really bothered Lani and she thought that Grandma Brown got in this machine everyday and they would close the door. She did not like this at all. She even decides to walk over to a nurse, show her the picture on the magazine and ask "Why do YOU put my Grandma Brown in here and shut the door." the nurse was a little confused and we had to explain for the 10th time that they don't put Grandma Brown in the machine.
What is she going to say next?

Friday, November 27, 2009

~Dax's Birthday~

DAX IS 2!!!!
I know - I'm a little behind!!! I love this pic of my big boy and his cake! He had a great Tailgate Birthday Party!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I feel connected to the world again!! Our computer has been broken and we have a new one!!! Yay - I'm so excited!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dax

My Sweet Dax baby turned 2 yesterday!!! He was a little confused by the holiday! When we woke him up yesterday morning and told him happy Birthday, he gave us this weird look and told us no! At school his teacher told him Happy Birthday and he responded with - "No, Happy Birthday Lani!" He wouldn't even open his present, Lani had to assist him with that too! I'm hoping his party is more successful and that he gets excited about his presents. I'm thinking he may be a little shy and not like all the attention. He had his 2 year check-up today. He weighs 28 pounds and is in the 75th percentile. Dr. Maddox stated that he could possibly 6 feet tall when he grows up! He was a little upset with the shots he saw coming and kept saying - No Band-Aid, No Band-Aid! He was happy to leave the office with his sucker and sticker. He couldn't get out of that office fast enough - He was ready to get to school and see Ms. Price!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween - Wow! A Week Long Event!!!

Our Halloween Festivities began with a Transmission Party!! Transmission is a College and Career Ministry at our Church - We love these guys - and the one who did not attend!!!

Our next event was a visit to the Pumpkin Patch! Lani and Dax loved picking out their pumpkin. Dax is still talking about all of the pumpkins!

The next night, we headed to Aunt J's house for soup and pumpkin carving! We had a great time. Dax wasn't that interested in the carving part, but as you can tell, Lani thought it was awesome!

Our Pumpkin! I think it turned out great!

Thursday, Lani and Dax had their class parties and then went trick-or-treating at my office!

Lani was excited about her cupcake!

Dax and his girlfriend Hayley! I love her little smile!

My half dressed Tiger - He absolutely refused to wear his tiger head!!!

Finally, it is Halloween!

My Little Cinderella!

Dax, Lani and Hayley getting to head out to grab some candy!

Our first stop of the night!!!

Kate and Emma joined in for the Trick-or-Treating too!!!

Love it, Love it, Love it. I don't think Dax wanted to get his hands dirty! He ate the entire cupcake this way!