Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a very busy Christmas!!! It all started Tuesday night at GiGi's house, My mom, Rick, Emily and Scott. Lani and Dax got a small trampoline. Christmas Eve, we spent time with Jarod's family. Lani got a Dora horse and Dax got a box thing with all these different puzzles and stuff on it. They also got a sit-n-spin. Santa Claus made an appearance out our house and left way too many toys. Lani got a Dora House, moon sand, socker boppers, Sleeping Beauty Doll and Movies and some other things. Dax got a basketball goal, a Little people garage, Socker boppers, cars, and other things as well. Christmas day we went to my Grandma Brown's house, and Christmas Night we headed to Aunt Betty's.

Dax and his Socker Bopoper's....These were his favorite toy...He loved hitting everyone in the head.
Moon Sand....Yeah I think Santa got a little carried away....Really not sure why Santa thought Lani needed this...I'm really going to hate cleaning this up!

He's a natural!

Lani's toys from Santa

Dax's toys from Santa!

J and D with their matching Boston Hats.



Playing with Rick

Eating at Grandma Brown's House

Lani is wondering what is going on now...

Lovin the Sit-n-Spin

Putting together one of many toys..

Lani helping Dax with his new toy

The Trampoline from GiGi's

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from the Allen crew!!! Ansley~Jarod~Lani~Dax

Friday, December 19, 2008

One More Annoyance...

I need to pray...I have been so annoyed with Rude Shoppers this year...I get angry everytime I think about it. So - here's what happened today. I was checking out a Wal-Mart...I only had a few items, not a buggy full or anything, and there was this lady behind me who was invading my personal space. I usually don't mind people in my space and I'm not very territorial, but today...Uhhh...I could have screamed at this lady. Her buggy was so close to me that when I would bend over to get my items out of the buggy, I would bump into her buggy. Did she back up? No she would scoot closer everytime I put something on the register. Did she really need to be that close to me. She didn't seem to be in a hurry and she only had like 3 things in her buggy. Anytime I would move a half an inch, she pushed that buggy closer. So annoying!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Please Open the Door...

Last Christmas, as I was doing some shopping...something happened that I have not been able to get over. I was pushing Lani in a stroller and had Dax in one of those pouch things on my chest and had a few shopping bags in my hands, and people refused to hold the door open for me. They would walk out of the door - the door would quickly close, and I was left to either push the door open with the stroller or turn around back wards and push it that way. Since then, I have been extra cautious about mother's with small children leaving a store, i try to do my part and hold the door open as they push the stroller through. Everyone seems very grateful when I help out, so I imagine they have had the door slammed on them in the past too. The other day as me and j were walking into the Haywood Mall...He was pushing one stroller and I was pushing another..a pregnant girl entered the store and didn't even bother to hold the door....I wanted to say...yeah you just wait until you are pushing the stroller...However, the other day i was leaving Chick-Fil-A...Lani was holding my hand, Dax was on my hip and a little guy, probably 10 years old, turned around-on his own-and went out of his way to hold the door...I was really impressed....Maybe he needs to give these old people a lesson!! Maybe I'm sounding petty, or a little spoiled, but I feel that it is common courtesy...What do you think?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yes-This all really hapened today!!

So, I had just finished brushing Lani's teeth this morning when I realized the bathroom door wouldn't close, and I heard Dax screaming. Dax had put his little fingers in the crack in the door and I closed the door on them. No major damage, he cried for a few seconds, then he was over it. Jarod then took Lani and Dax down stairs, and I finished getting ready. All of a sudden I hear Dax screaming and crying! I go down stairs and Dax had fallen, hit the bottom step and his lip was bleeding. We were not sure if his teeth went through the gum, or if he cut his chin when he fell. It actually wasn't too bloody. Jarod panicked...which was very strange, he's usually very calm in these types of situations. Well, we didn't feel it was bad enough for the ER, but his doctor's office didn't open until 12:30. What were we going to do? Well, we decided to go to church, and get the opinion of a nurse who previously worked at our doctor's office. Dax let her look all in his mouth and even check to see if any of his teeth were loose. Well, she said that the teeth did go completely through his lip, but the outside was not bad enough to require any stitches. She recommended that I call the doctor's office on Monday to see if they would call in an antibiotic, since the wound was so deep. One more thing about the morning....We were getting out of the car at church and realized we didn't have a diaper bag. I couldn't imagine how the rest of the day was going to be, since the first hour of it was so bad. Well, this afternoon we went to the Pendleton Christmas Parade. Lani and Dax loves parades and had a lot of fun. The pic below is in front of the tree - we take a pic here every year. Last year, it was very hot...Jarod had on a short sleeve shirt, none of us had on a coat; however, this year it was FREEZING!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok ~ So I did need a vacation....But I missed Jarod, Lani and Dax terribly!!! I learned so much in Myrtle Beach - Gangs, Meth Labs, Suicide, More Meth, More Gangs, Internet Safety, Domestic Violence - It really was interesting. I was so scared Dax was going to forget me...Yeah, I know...A little crazy, but this was the first time I have been away from him for longer than 24 hours. I knew Lani wouldn't forget me, I only talked to her on the phone like 4 times per day. Jarod did a great job while I was gone and I even came home to a very clean house. The floor had been vacuumed, dishes were clean, no toys scattered about....I was really impressed. However, as I was arriving at DSS this evening about 5:45, my phone rang and it was J...He sounded a little stressed and asked where I was. I told him I was pulling into DSS and asked Why. I then heard him telling Lani that "mommy will be home in a few minutes." J-then says hurry home, Lani has locked me out of the house. WHAT?!?! I began to panic, but my friend Kristie (Who is an Investigator in Child Protective Services) calms me down and tells me they will be fine. She helps me get my luggage and shopping bags out of the state car and into my car and I speed down the road. I called J back for a little more clarification. I then learn that she locked the screen door and he can see them and they can see him. When J unloaded the car, he went back to the mail box (this is how we do it every day), and Lani decides to lock the door while he is outside. When he tries opening the door he realizes it is locked. He then tries talking Lani through unlocking the door. J says, she touched the lock, told him she couldn't do it and went and found a pack on M-n-M's. When J asked Lani why she locked the door, she told him, because she wanted too. However, she quickly changed her story and told him that Dax locked the door. So when I pull up in the driveway, there's J with the mail looking at L and D through the glass, and they were standing there looking at him. I couldn't help but laugh.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Disney on Ice....

was awesome!!!! It kept Lani's attention for 2 hours. The skaters were doing lifts and jumps and I was very impressed they could do all that in their costumes. My only complaint is that they charges $12 for snow cones, $10 for popcorn and cotton candy. I mean that is just a little ridiculous!!

Peter Pan and his crew flying through the air...

Ariel and Flounder...

Simba and Nala...

waiting in line...

Thanksgiving pics

This one was the best...We couldn't get everyone to do the same thing at the same time...

I love the way they play so good together!!!

Me and my little Indians..

Friday, November 28, 2008


So we have been talking to Lani about Christmas being Jesus' Birthday. She understand for the most part. Well, Wednesday, her class was having a Thanksgiving Party. Lani thinks that any party is for a birthday and there is no convincing her otherwise. So, Lani thinks she had Jesus a birthday party at her school Wednesday, and she thinks her birthday is next. We have tried explaining that it isn't Christmas yet, so Jesus hasn't had his brithday yet. But she is a 2 year old that knows thinks she knows absolutely everything, and there is no changing her mind.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Here are a few things I am so Thankful for:

1- God! He has really helped us through some tough times and I am forever grateful.

2 - Lani and Dax...Motherhood Rocks!!! i love watching them experience and learn new things!!! They can be a little wild at times, but they are truly wonderful kids.

3-Jarod...I am so luck to have a great husband ~ He helps so much with Lani and Dax and around the house.

4-Friends - Old and New Friends!!! Friends are so important and we are very fortunate to have some pretty awesome friends. I am looking forward to my Saturday morning breakfast with two of my bestest friend from high school!!!

5-Family....Well, Our fam's have helped us out tons and we are very grateful. I am so blessed to have a great relationship with my mom...I can share anything and everything with her...I can yell at her , cry with her, shop with her and laugh with her (and all in the same day)

6-My cell phone....I couldn't live without it!!!

7-My Job - So many people don't' have jobs right now and I am very fortunate to have one. By the way, I just got promoted to Supervisor....YAY!!!

Ok well I do hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving ~ Love Ya!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catch up...

So Ive been a slack blogger lately....So here's a few things that have been going on...

1-Dax had his first visit to Chuck E. Cheese, the day before his birthday - And my camera batteries were DEAD!! Yes, I have NO pics...I'm a little upset, but I guess that is reason for us to go again. We went on a Tuesday this time and it was so much better than our Saturday visits. There were 3 other kids in there, so Lani and Dax were very happy to pretty much play with anything they wanted. Dax really enjoyed riding all the little rides.

2 - Dax and I have had this terrible stomach virus. We are finally better...Today! We have had it since Tuesday!! I am very thankful Jarod and Lani did not catch this virus, because it made me feel so bad..I mean my entire body ached....So Glad that is over!!!

3- I have had so much fun watching Lani and Dax bond and play. This makes me super-excited, because I never had a brother or sister to play with when I was younger. Dax has learned to say Lani and will call for her whenever she gets out of his sight. Also, when he wakes up in the morning, he doesn't want me or J, he is standing in his littel crib sayin "Ani, Ani." It is so cute. Lani is also very protective of him ~ If she is going to stay somewhere, he has to stay too. In the mornings while I'm trying to get everything together, Lani is like, Mommy don't forget Dax. I would never forget him, but at least I have Lani's help.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dax!!!

One year ago today ~ Dax entered the world at 7:44am, weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces. Life has not been the same since that day. Dax is such a happy baby! I have been very lucky with both of my children. Dax started walking at 9 months, gave up the bottle at 9 months, but smiling since day 1. He has picked up a few words such as - dada, mama, Lani, bye bye, and uh uh oh. Yeah he throws two uhs in there.

Loving her new Dax baby brother...I can't believe how young she looks in this pic...

So sweet, just a few hours old...

1 year old!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

*~Birthday Party~*

Dax doesn't turn one until Wednesday, but we decided to have his party today.
Hot Wheels Cake...

Dax's cake...Lani went to Publix with me this morning to pick up the cakes. They handed us this one and she asked me if it was hers. I told her no and that it is the cake Dax gets to dig through. Lani then clapped and siad yay, I get to dig through the big one.

Not a good time to play peek-a-boo. Yes, he was playing...


So Messy...
Dax had a great party!!!!! He received some great toys and outfits.

Opening a present....

He must have found more cake...

Flying the Kite Aunt J brought Lani

Asher and Dax...I think this is a sweet pic..

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little too much MATCHING!!!

As you all know, Lani is in to matching - EVERYTHING. Today Lani is having Trycicle day at her school. Well we decided to send her Dora 4 wheeler, becasue she can't peddle on her own very well. Actually she can't reach the peddles on her tric. Anyways everyone at school said it was fine to bring the 4 wheeler, so we did. Well, when Lani realized she is taking her "boots ride" to school, she just had to match and wear her Dora shirt. I hate character clothes...Especially this one!!! But when she saw it she just had to have it and was so excited. Not only is it a Character shirt, but the Dora and Boots light up everytime she moves. I hate light up shoes as well, so imagine how I feel about this bright red flashing Dora shirt. I hate it, she loves it, I bought it, because she did a great job of walking through the mall and not climbing in the clothing racks or running away. It was what she picked out and I couldn't tell her no. So back to my point. Well, as I was putting on her Nike's she saw red boots in her closet. these boots came from her favorite cousin Mara. Lani yelled, wait mommy...I can wear my red boots and match Boots and his red Boots. I did not want to go there with her this morning, so off to schoo she went - Boots Ride, Flashy Shirt and her red shiny Boots....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad Luck....

I guess everyone knows, that bad luck seems to follow the Allen Family....When we were building our house it flooded and had to be rebuilt, we buy a new car and it gets hit by a motorcycle, oh yeah, on our honeymoon, we get followed by Hurricane Charlie....So yeah enough about that. So jarod broke his foot playing basketball Monday night and it loks ugly. I think it's crazy that last Wednesday after work he went to play back-yard tackle football and comes home without a scratch. But he plays basketball-tries to make a shot and breaks his foot. I am very grateful for Jeff who drove him to the hospital while I took Lani and Dax home, so Jarod's parents could stay with them. Thanks Jeff!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun....

This would be my cute little Butterfly and Dinosaur. For some reason she was called a bumble bee all night. I guess in the dark it may be hard to tell that she is orange and black and not black and yellow. Dax was called a frog and actually Kermit by a little old lady...
Lani and her treat bag. I made Dax one as well, but his wasn't as girly. Actually Troy got one too.

I think this is the sweetest pic. J was in this pic too, but he got cropped, because he ALWAYS shuts his eyes. When our wedding photgrapher see's us at other people's weddings, he is so glad J isn't in the wedding party, b/c he closes his eyes so much!!!

Riding in the wagon. The wagon was veyr handy. It was much easier loading up the wagon, instead of the car.

Lani was ready to go home!!! She was cold and did not want to ring one more doorbell. One funny thing: Lani wanted to pick out her own candy out of everyone's dish...She wasn't good at opening her bag and letting them drop in the candy, she wanted to "do it by myself" (Those were her exact words. )

Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes ~I went to the New Kids on The Block Concert last night..In North Carolina! Let me tell you~This was way better than the first one in 1990 that I went to ( and that was a very good concert!!!) Last night me and my mom went to see these 5 guys from Boston! I was probably the biggest new kid fan back in the day...So much that in the third grade my teacher wrote on my report card that I thought too much about the New Kids and not enough about my school work....Yeah, that's pretty embarrassing now that I think about it! Anyways the concert was great...They did all their old dances to the old songs like The Right Stuff and Hanging Tough....Jordan was my absolute favorite and he's still a hottie, Donnie is still that bad boy and he's pretty cute too....Joe, well he hasn't changed much, Danny did a break dance and Jon...Well they didn't focus on him too much. I hope you enjoy my pics...

Striking a pose...

Jordan and Joe

Jordan and Joe - This is my favorite...


This was onthe screen before they came out on stage!!! I was so excited!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wall Art....and a little randomness...

So yeah...My child drew on the wall...And she was caught - by Jeff....Who told her she needed to come tell her mom and dad what she did....So she runs into the den and this is what I heard...I write on the wall mommy...My response-You what...Yeah she had a talk with daddy and hopefully next time she will write on paper and not on the walls. Other than that we had a great time Friday night...We had a house full of people and played games and ate pizza. Jarod and Jeff played Rock Band until the early morning hours. Well, Dax is cutting two teeth right now and is having a difficult time. Dax woke up around 3:30 and was awake until 6:00. He didn't want to be touched, but he wanted attention and he cried a long time and could not get happy. So at 6:00 Jarod and I close our eyes but are awake again at about 7:00...So we were pretty much awake all night. Saturday we did absolutely nothing..we don't have these days very often. I finally took a shower and put on real clothes at 2:30, made a quick trip the wal-mart, came home, changed Lani and Dax out of their p.j.'s and headed to GiGi's house for some supper. Jarod went to a bonfire and a haunted trail. Well we wake up Sunday morning and I made the comment that it sure was light outside to only be 7:00am. I turn on the TV to discover that it is really 8:00. Our alarm clock - which is called a '"smart clock" changes time on it's on when it's the change your time weekend. However, over the past few years, someone decided to change the date for time change, and caused our "smart clock" to be out dated....Well we ended up making it to church on time. This after noon I went shopping with my mother-in-law and we got Dax a new car seat...I think he is going to love facing forward...We went back to church for Trunk-or-treat and Lani won second place in the costume contest...Go Lani!!! Now ~ I have 2 sleeping babies and am looking forward to a great week....Only a few more days until New Kids On The Block!!!