Saturday, May 23, 2009

A New Bed

This afternoon, Lani was playing with her baby dolls and they were all sleeping in her wagon. The next thing I know - Lani decided to make herself a bed. She slept in the wagon for over 2 hours...longer than she usually sleeps when she takes a nap!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


For Mother's Day, we spent the weekend in Charleston. It was great. Lani and Dax were so excited about staying in a hotel. You would have thought we were at Disney World! Lani was jumping around and so excited...It was crazy!

Playing with the dog at the Charleston Fire Department.

Cute Boy!

Sittimg on the fire truck!

I think she looks so big right here! She loves getting her face painted!

Dax and his lizard!

Dax absolutely loved the water room at the Children's Museum! He would have played there all day!

Lani loved the Grocery Store Section. She is still excited about her receipt she got at the check-out!

Dax and The Citadel Bulldog! I think this one deserves a frame!

Monday, May 11, 2009

~Love My Lani Bug~

This afternoon we took a quick trip to the Dollar Tree. Lani thinks this store is great. She loves the puzzles, coloring books and stickers here. I love it, because I don't have to spend tons of money. Today we were checking out and Lani said - "Look Mommy a Balloon! I want that!" I responded with "That Balloon says Happy Mother's Day, you don't need that one" Lani then said.."Yay, I have to buy it for you..It was Happy Mother's Day Last Day and you are my mommy." Well the lady behind us, thought it was the sweetest thing, so she told Lani to go get the balloon and that she would buy it for her mommy. Lani was super excited! It ends up that the workers at DT, just gave us the balloon for FREE, since Mother's Day was yesterday. On the way home Lani said "I bought you a balloon Mommy! Did I make you smile?" So sweet ~ I just love my Lani bug!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~My Silly Kids~

~Dax continues to have a love for bugs. It is now to the point that he will step on ant hills to see the bugs. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever! He actually got bit twice on his little toes the other day, but he didn't care. He was so mad when I made him go inside.

~Lani and Dax have both been loving this rain. Well actually the puddles in our drive-way. they had so much fun stomping and jumping in them. Dax's shorts were completely soaked, but they had so much fun!

~Sunday I had to take Lani to the Dr. because she had all these spots. Well it turns out she had an allergic reaction to something. We don't know what caused the reaction. The Dr. said we would probably never know. While we were waiting for the Doctor to come in -we had read every book, sang songs and talked about the fish on the wall paper - we decided to count things. Lani started out counting the birds in a picture and then attempted counting the fish on the wall. When she finished she decided to count them in Spanish. Well when she got tired of that I said :Why don't you count in English again?" Lani gave me this weird look and counted...1glish, 2 glish, 3 glish...all the way to 10glish. I guess she doesn't realize that we speak English....maybe in the past I have said "let's count" and the whole "English" thing just confused her completely!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Need A Maid....

Last night, when Lani finished saying her prayers, she said "Mommy, I have to pray again, I forgot something." Thsi is what she said...."Dear God, I need to pray for my room and Dax's room. They are really messy. My toys are on the floor. Make my mommy clean mine and my brother Dax's room. Amen"