Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Pedicure Conversation

Ok, so here it is - All of the funny things Lani decided to say, while getting her pedicure....

~ As they were filling up her foot soaking tub in her mini massage chair - "My brother Dax likes to drink water out of the bath tub, but I won't let him drink this water."

~ As the lady is removing her current toe nail polish - "My daddy has to paint my toenails right now, because my mommy is just too fat to do it."

~ As the pedicure ladies are talking to each other in a foreign language - "Why do you talk like that and what are you saying?" I think we have all wanted to ask this question during a pedicure! The lady tries to tell her that she is Vietnamese and that she talks two languages. I'm just glad she thought my child was being cute!!

~Once again the pedicure ladies begin talking Vietnamese to one another and Lani says...."I can do that too! Uno, Dos, Tres", ....all the way to ten in Spanish! I really could have crawled under my massage chair.

~Lani talked the entire time! She loved her pedicure. She also asked a million questions, such as, Why did you turn off the water, Why did you scrub my toes, Why are you letting the toe scrubber float in the water, Why, Why, Why, Why..You get the point. She has decided that for her next pedicure, she is going to have orange polish and have tiger paws painted on her big toes:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

~Weekend Fun~

Our weekend's as a family of 4 are quickly coming to an end! Harper will be here in 18 days!! WooHoo - Someone told me at church today they thought I was doing too much so soon to having a baby. Well, maybe I am, but I know once Harper is born, we will have several slow weekends, so I'm trying to get in as much as possible!
Friday Night: For the past several Friday Nights, we have done absolutely nothing. Well except for watching movies! Lani fell asleep around 7:30 (very rare by the way) due to the fact that she didn't take a nap at school. For our family movie night we decided to watch a movie about football - Something Dax would love!! And well, he did love it. Dax had decided that he needs a helmet! He obviously thinks he already has one, because he keeps going upstairs and says "Going to get my helmet, jibber jabbers something, and then says Football." Dax also fell asleep cuddling with me, which never happens anymore, but it was great!!!
Saturday: Saturday morning, my mother-in-law, Debbie, treated Lani and I to a pedicure. Something that I needed very bad, by the way!! Well, at VIP, they now have kid pedicure chairs! Lani was quit the DIVA!!! She talked non-stop and probably drove the lady crazy but it was so cute! Tomorrow, I will blog about all the funny things that came out of her mouth. Lani picked out her own polish and the design on her toes - She had a great time!

On Saturday morning, Jarod and Dax headed to Lowe's to rent a carpet cleaner to work on our terribly bad carpet. Which now looks amazing now!! :) Well, Lowe's was having a Kid's Workshop (FREE - Which is always better) The workshop was to build a bird feeder. I wish I had pics from Saturday, but I don't, so day after pics will have to do!! Jarod said Dax hammered his own nails and everything. Lowe's provided an apron and a real hammer! Dax was very proud of his birdhouse!!! This may turn into a Saturday tradition!
Dax and his apron and hammer!

The bird feeder!!
Saturday Night: We had tickets for the Greenville Drive game with the Hix's. We were also going to eat at Smoke on the Water (A first for us) However, our plans completely changed. The Drive people told us they wouldn't make a decision until 30 minutes before the game. We load up the car with towels, jackets, extra clothes, etc. and head to Greenville. We didn't want to sit in the rain, but we didn't want to loose the money we spent on the tix either. Well we make it to Smoke on the Water, and are told it is an hour wait! Prom night!! Well with 4 adults and 3 kids, we knew better than to try this!! So change of plan #1 - We end up at the Mellow Mushroom - Which was great too! I love to build my own Calzone!!! We finish eating walk to the stadium, in the rain, notice no activity at all, discover the game has been cancelled and try to get our rain check. Well no one at all in ticket booth, or will call office!! So, our friend Andy is going to schedule us another day/time to use our tix! Back to Anderson we go, stop at the Hix's house, the kids fight, the boys play Risk and Joy and I found tons of things to talk about. Even with completely changed plans, we still had a good night!!!
Thank goodness for lazy Sunday afternoons!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

21 Days To Go!!!

Everyone say YIPPEEE!!! I only have 21 more days until Harper arrives!!!! Also, I only have 2 weeks left of work until maternity leave starts! YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~A Few Thoughts~

-I am ready for Harper to arrive. I am at the point of getting tired very easily, my back hurts and I have not slept well at night in who knows how long!!! Last night I got up to use the potty so many times, that I lost count!!!

-I have a closet full of maternity clothes and just a few things that fit. Lani and Dax were winter babies and I don't have very many summer clothes that fit.

-I'm finished complaining!! :)

-I love having conversations with Lani - You never know what is going to come out of her mouth!! The other day I told her Gigi's was sick. Lani asked Why. I stated, well Gigi's has a stomach bug. Lani's response: Gigi's Swallowed a Bug, For Real???? - so cute

-Dax watched The Sandlot Friday night. He is now obsessed with baseball. He fell asleep holding his baseball glove and woke up saying, I want ballgame!! Jarod and Dax spent two hours outside throwing a baseball!!!

-If you have never played the game Partini, well you should give it a try. I have been on the loosing team 3 times in a row, but it is still a fun game to play!! Next time, the boys are going down!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Spring Break~

Lani and Dax were able to experience their first "Spring Break" last week and boy did they have a great time. I was only able to take two days off, so they stayed somewhere different the rest of the week. On Friday and Monday we basically stayed at home and did absolutely nothing but play outside. Lani and Dax were chased by some random bird with a nest in the ground - After the situation was over, it was funny and Lani and I laughed about it. Tuesday - They spent the day with Wendy,Mara and Emily - They enjoyed a picnic at Barret's place, then headed to the farm for some fun. They spent time with chickens, rode a tractor, rode a go-cart and played in a creek! They were completely exhausted and dirty when they came home, but it was great!!! Wednesday they spent the day building tents, playing outside and went to Chick-Fil-A with Aunt Betty. Thursday, they spent the day with Kayal and Gavin. They were so excited about Gavin - Lani wanted to help change his diaper and all that stuff. She probably drove Gavin a little crazy!!! Friday - was GiGi's day! Mom met me at Great Clips and Lani got a new haircut - love it!! Her hair just isn't' thick enough yet to be long and it looks much better in her short little bob cut. Gigi's, Lani and Dax went to spend some time at Lowe's and I went back to work. I then left for lunch and met them at Cater's lake for a picnic and they really enjoyed feeding the ducks. Dax would get so excited when the duck would eat his bread. Saturday morning I had a conference I had to attend and they spent the morning with daddy. When I got home we decided to go to the Clemson Orange and White Game. I hope you enjoy the pics from the game!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~Busy Weekend~

We had a really busy, but exciting weekend! Just thought I would share a few photos! I was off Friday and Monday, so I basically stayed home those two days and let the kids just play outside and have fun. Saturday - My mom, Lani, Emily and I went to the Spring Jubilee, had lunch at a yummy Bar B Q restaurant, and did a little shopping. My mom did buy two pair of shoes and a bag of skittle at Shoe Carnival for $11 - What a great deal!! Lani and I headed home to pick up Jarod and Dax and went to Barrett's Place for Asher's 2nd birthday! We went home, dyed Easter eggs with the Hix's and Jenna and watched a little basketball. And of course Sunday was a non-stop day as well!!! I hope all of you had a great Easter!!

Lani at Barrett's Place

Lan iwas so excited to get her face painted!

Playing with Emma!

Happy Easter - Jarod does not do very well with a camera and a flash! He can never keep himself from blinking!

This would be Dax saying "Cheeeeeesssseeeee"

Dax found an egg!!

Happy Birthday Asher!!

Love this pic!!!