Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Five years ago, God blessed me with a 9 pound 2 ounce bundle of joy.  My life changed that day and it has been awesome!  I can't believe we will be going to kindergarten registration in just a few days!  Happy 5th Birthday Lani!  We love you so much!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Harper is walking!  I was hoping she wouldn't walk as early as the other two did, but there was no holding her back!  Harper turned 9 months on Valentine's Day and she just seems too young to walk - I don't want her to grow up so fast!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Completely Random

2 weekends ago, we were very busy!  (This past weekend, I didn't get off the couch, because I have been sick) I have been meaning to post this adn uploaded these pics several days ago, but I just haven't had the chance. 

Lani and Dax love skating!

Harper had fun watching them skate.

On Sunday, we went to the circus. I was a little disappointed, it wasn't that great.  Lani, Dax and Jarod fell asleep!  

This was the best act we saw!

This is completely random - Dax decided to wear his camo shorts, baseball shirt, Lani's pink cowgirl boots and he is using my hair dryers as (in his words) "a shooter."

Lani loves being crafty!  She was excited about making her valentine box for class!

On Wednesday afternoons, we keep Jace and Laira.  Here is a pic of the sweet kids I get to have fun with on Wednesday afternoons!



Friday, February 11, 2011

Friend Friday ~ Kate

This Friend Friday is all about......

Kate is a great person and an awesome friend!  Kate is very caring and creative.  She is great at giving unexpected gifts and notes.  This past year, on October 1st (this is the day my dad died) - she brought me flowers and the sweetest card.  She is always thinking of others, and I strive to be more like her in this way.  For a while, Kate moved to North Carolina.  I'm so glad she is back in SC, and I think we are better friends now, than we have ever been! 

 This is one night during a cookie baking experiment.

Before, junior prom.  On the way there, our driver got a speeding ticket.  I took a picture of that unforgettable moment, but I don't know where it is.  Oh I wish I could find that picture.  

Kate, Me and Mel having a silly moment. 

 This was during Service Learning class in high school.  We were planting trees.  Not sure if we were laughing at ourselves, or if we were laughing at Joy.  I just remember, I was not excited about digging that hole early in the morning. 

Go~Fight~Win!  Cheerleading was one thing we did together in high school.  We would always get in trouble by our coach at games because we would talk to each other during the game.  She would separate us each week, but we would always manage to end up beside each other  talking cheering on our team!  We also played softball sat the bench together in softball. 

We have also attended many weddings and showers together over the years.
Happy Friend Friday Kate!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friend Friday!

I have decided that Friday's are going to be all about my friends!  I love my friends!!  This week is all about

It all started in the 6th grade!  High School we were always together!  My parents basically had another child, because she was always at my house!  We have had some fun times, gotten into a little bit of trouble and had some sad times as well!  I have priceless memories with Mel and am so glad we are still great friends!

 ~Me and Mel - November 2010~

Did you and your BFF ever dress alike?  Well we did, and we wore this outfit a lot, as well as, many outfits from County Seat!  Does anyone else remember that store?  Well back in the day, we loved it!   The night we wore this outfit, we got into a little trouble!  If you remember me and Mel from High School, then you probably remember our obsession with Camelot Boy! Well, we were invited to hang out with Camelot Boy and his friends and so, well we went.  Until my mom paged us (Yes, she paged me on my pager and I called her back on my cell phone that only had 30 minutes per month) and told us it was time to come home.  We did come home, but we brought CB and his friends with us, in my car.  When we walked in the door, mom was not thrilled, and after about 15-20 at our house, she made us take them home.  Which we did.  It was part of our plan - to stay out a little later.  Since we are talking about getting into trouble, I will throw in a few more stories.  When we first started driving, my mom sent us to the grocery store for two things.  I know one of the items was bread, I don't remember the other one.  Well we thought we would be helpful, by just buying a whole buggy full of groceries and we spent $88!  Mom was not too happy about that one either.  We also ran into a pole at the gas station, left a huge line of white paint on the red truck and lied about an ambulance running us off the road in a hurry to get to an accident.  But that's a whole different post, that I might write about later!  After that, I missed my BFF for about a month!!

One thing we didn't do together was cheer.  I was a cheerleader, Mel was not.  This would be Mel, making fun of my cheerleader abilities! :) 

Mel, Ans and Kate at our High School Graduation! 

Here we are again, sporting the same shirt playing with sidewalk chalk.  I just wish I was this skinny again :) 

 We always had people over!!! 

This was when we decided to have our own jewelry business.  As you all know, we have different professions today.  We sold maybe two things to some people at Outback, but we never made any more money.

Anytime we left the house together, my dad would tell us to "think." I love this pic, because the look on my dad's face would look like this when he would give us the "think" advice.  Not sure why I am posing like that by the tree :)

I know this is not a pic of me and Mel, but it has a story.  The summer before our senior year, my parents took Me, Mel, Sara and Jenna to Myrtle Beach.  On the way there, my transmission in my car broke, which meant 6 people had to survive the week with only my mom's Honda Accord!!!  Mel got a broke rib, kind-of and I'm pretty sure we drove my mom and dad crazy!!!  The hand on my dad's face, makes me think he was thinking - did I "think" before I agreed to come on this trip!! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catch Up!

We have been pretty busy around here and I haven't had much time to blog.  Here's what we have been up to lately! 
Lani decided to use Harper as her baby doll and take her for a ride in her baby doll stroller!
And she seemed to enjoy it!  I have a feeling she is going to have many more days just like this! 

We went bowling with Aunt J and Justin!
Lani and Dax had fun cheering each other on! 

Every Saturday in January, we had a Birthday party to go to. We had fun celebrating with Alyssa, Emma, Isley and Madeline.
 Lani had fun at Isley's Princess Party! 

We went to the Riverside Middle School Basketball game, to watch Mara cheer and Brett coach!
I think I was related to 90% of the people at this game. 
One of my cousins was even dressed up in the Bulldog suit!
Lani always loves a photo shoot with the Bulldog.  

Dax didn't care too much for the Bulldog.  He just likes to wave to the Bulldog from far away.

Harper enjoyed watching the game. 

Lani jumped right in with the cheerleaders, and thought she was one of them!