Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Time

March has been birthday month!  First, we celebrated Gavin's 2nd Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was a fun party.  There were 4 other parties going on at the same time, so it was a little crowded, but the kids really enjoyed it!

Gavin's Cake

Birthday Boy

 Sweet Harper loved Chuck E. Cheese and riding all of the rides.  I had to pull her off of them - She wanted to ride with Barney in his car all day, but there were so many kids we only got to ride it twice.

The next weekend, we celebrated Hayley's 4th Birthday with a Circus Theme.  The circus idea was such a good idea!  I may have to steal the idea for a future party :)  L, D and H all had a great time.

Hayley's cake.  Andy and Joy did a great job on the fondant!! 

Birthday Girl 

Clown Noses 

Face Painting 

A visit from Buttons the Clown 

Harper loves to party! 

Love this of Asher!  Melissa thought he might be afraid of the clown, and it did take him a few minutes to warm up to him.  He never moved off Melissa's lap, but he wasn't upset about the clown being there.  Buttons gave out balloons to all of the kids and Asher gets the Clown balloon, which he loved for a few minutes......But....That...Didn't...Last...Long.... 


Last weekend, I had a SuRpRisE PaRtY (Which I kind of knew about, just didn't know the details - My family doesn't keep secrets too well)  My 30th Birthday Party was held in the upstairs room at Matty's and involved a DJ and Dancing!  Fun Times.  However, since it was a surprise, I didn't have my camera and I haven't gotten any pics from family or friends, so those will come later!  It was such a fun night and I loved being "Surprised"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~The Big 3-0!!~

Yesterday, I turned 30!  Happy Birthday to me!!!  I got $$ for new clothes, since last year's wardrobe no longer fits since I had just had a new baby, and my mom got me this new MiXeR!  I have wanted one of these for so long!  I love to bake and can't wait to use this! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Tuesday morning, sweet Harper, had a set of tubes put in her ears.  Lani had tubes at 9 months and Dax had them at 21 months.  Harper has to do everything they do, which obviously includes tubes too, so at 9 months old, it's tubes for her too.  Dr. Reister said her right ear had fluid, but that her left ear was "just a mess."  Actually, the left year is still draining.  I know this will help with all her ear issues though, so tubes are a good thing. 

Harper right before surgery.  

Harper slept most of the day after we got home.  But not until she was able to steal one of Dax's toy.  She even had a bottle and fell asleep holding it.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This and That

Lani:  Well she is a good listener!  She listens to everything. OK, not everything, Like when I say clean up your toys, take your dishes to the sick, put your clothes on.  But if people are talking, or if someone is reading her a story, she listens.  I learned today, that she is also a good listener at Church.  Wooohooo!  Well, I poked myself in the eye and Lani was trying to get my attention.  I said, "hold on Lani, I can't see." Lani:  OK, I will go get the dirt.  I kind-of give her a strange look and she then tells me about Jesus healing the blind man, rubbing dirt in his eyes and telling him to go to the water.  I love her!  She was so ready to fix my eyes, just like Jesus!

Dax: We try our best not to give Dax anything to drink after 7:30, so he won't have an accident when he goes to sleep.  Well the other night, Dax walks up to me and Jarod and is making this funny coughing, hacking noise.  I asked him what was wrong and he said "I have a frog." I said, "A frog" and Dax responds, "I have a frog in my chest, listen daddy."  He then gets close to Jarod's ear and says "Ribbit! Did you hear my frog, I need water to get rid of him."  We gave in.  How could we not, that was a pretty creative story.  He is so funny, I love him so much!

Harper: Well, she is so much fun!  She is walking everywhere, waving and saying bye-bye, blowing kisses.  She is also very independent and wants to feed herself.  She also loves me cell phone and holds it up to her ear and talks baby language.  I can't believe she is going to be 10 months old soon.  She is the sweetest baby ever and we all love her so much! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

~Friend Friday~ Jenna!!!

Friend Friday is all about JENNA this week!  Jenna and I have been friends since the 5th grade!  Jenna is someone I can tell everything too!  We also have a lot of inside jokes.  One funny story about Jenna - In the sixth grade, she came to my birthday party a week early!  Jenna loves my children and they call her Aunt J.  Over the years we have played softball together, attended countless football games, several Corey Smith concerts, as well as, Brad Paisley, Alabama, and Daughtry.  Oh and we are distantly related - my Grandma and her Pop are cousins.  And my other grandma and her Nanny were friends when my dad was young and went to Hawaii together. (I think we need to add this to our things to do list)  We have also visited Niagara Falls together, where she witnessed Lani jumping off a table in the airport and me catching her by her leg!  I Love Jenna and we always have a great time when we are together and I'm glad we have been so close all these years!  Oh and I got a little slack and didn't get a chance to find old pics.  Maybe I will add those later. 

This is a pic from a trip to Myrtle Beach this summer.

Jenna and Justin came to watch Lani dance at the fall festival in Pendleton.

Every October, Jenna's mom has us over to carve pumpkins and eat soup.  This year we carved a Tiger Paw Jack O'Lantern

Everyone's Pumpkin