Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Decision Has Been Made...I think!

Harper Linley Allen - Does she have a middle name? It's beginning to look like we have made a decision!!! There is actually a story behind her middle name! A very long time ago, ok not that long ago, I was playing softball! My dad was filling in for my coach one day and I hit my very first homerun at Linley park - It's a memory I have of my dad and a great story to tell Harper one day. With Lani and Dax, I just wasn't ready to name them anything that reminded me of my dad - thought it might just be too hard. It was something I really wanted to do this time and it was hard to come up with a girl name that made me feel connected to him, and one day this one just hit me!! So Harper Linley Allen it is!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Botanical Gardens~

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Clemson - The weather was great and the kids has a great time!

My sweet boy!

Lani, Dax and Hayley

Looking at a Turtle

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~First Day Of Spring~

Jarod decided to do some yard work saturday morning and I let Lani and Dax go see what he was doing. Yes, they still had on pajamas! I just thought they would walk outside and come back in - That is not what happened! They had a great time with Daddy and I was able to get some cleaning accomplished inside. I love the fact that my kids don't mind a little dirt! And Yes, they turned the bathtub water brown!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~Sweet Giggles~

I love this sweet little face!!! Dax was having a great time in the bath tub!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow - What a busy weekend he had!!

Friday - Well this was our only down time of the weekend! We cooked a frozen pizza and watched movies all night! Two of the movies included Elmo's Potty Time, and Barbie:The Princess and The Pauper.

Saturday - Early to rise - Jarod left to help make sandwiches for the soup kitchen around 7ish, mommy, Lani and Dax sleep until about 8 - get up and get ready - Deliver food to soup kitchen - Lani was a little stand offish this week, but Dax jumped in to help!! Lani and I attended a Birthday party for a little boy in her class at Toadily Fun, and I have to say it was "toadily fun" and a great place for a party. Lani did embarrass me, by telling her friend that he could keep the gift, but her mommy needed to take the bag home, because she likes to reuse them - HA - it makes me laugh now, but it was embarrassing then. Jarod and Dax pick us girls up and we head to Hayley Hix's Birthday Party - Of course the kids have a great time playing together! We did head home for about an hour and a half, but then head back out to eat with some friend at Matty's downtown to Celebrate My Birthday - which actually wasn't until Monday. After Matty's we head back over to the Hix's to play some Wii Bowling. We also kept our kids up way too late, but hey, it doesn't happen too often!

Sunday - We are suffering a little, due to our busy Saturday and loosing an hour of sleep. We had the hardest time trying to wake up Lani and Dax, so we decide to let them sleep and J heads to church without us. Jarod gets home and gives me my birthday present - of course he was talked into it:) It's a great new camera and I love it!!! We then head to the Chastain's to celebrate little Gavin turning 1!!!! Lani was completely grouchy, so we leave early! I didn't want her to be the kid that was driving everyone crazy! We did go to Scoops for some Yummy Ice Cream and put Lani in a much better mood!! We head home for about an hour, try to take a nap, but my mom kept calling me, so no nap for me. We then head to my mom's house for some yummy lasagna and to celebrate my Birthday once again - We get home I decide Lani and Dax have nothing to wear to school on Monday, so I attempt to wash clothes, watch the last 30 minutes of Desperate Housewives, then head to bed. I forgot to put my clean clothes in the dryer, so Lani ans Dax still had nothing to wear - Had to throw something together, but it was ok!

So here it is Monday - Happy Birthday to me!!! Crazy Day at work, went to get my oil changed - ended up having to buy 4 new tires; however, my car feels new again! Ate Mexican tonight with in-laws to celebrate B-day, did a little shopping at Ross, now wondering why I'm blogging and not curled up in my bed -

Wow - What a Weekened :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

~Coupon Crazy~

I have decided that since we are about to add another mouth to feed that I need to get serious about coupons! I have used coupons before and saved maybe a dollar on some random thing, but I have never been a serious couponer; however that is all about to change. There have been several times that I have been jealous of Heather Burley, due to all of her good coupon deals! So, I decided to check Southernsavers.com, to see what kind of deals I can get for my family. For several weeks, well when I dont' forget, I have been clipping coupons, hoping to become a professional at this one day. So today is the day that I decided to venture into my first serious couponing trip and I feel like it was very successful. I saved $34.21 at Publix - I did spend $57.57, but for my first experience, I don't' think it was too bad! I think I am officially hooked and refuse to pay full price for groceries ever again!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~This and That~

~Harper is still without a middle name!! I'm not stressing over it though, it will happen and I feel like I will just know it when I hear it, or think it.

~Our Sunday School Class is helping this month with making sandwiches on Saturday's for the soup kitchen. We took Lani and Dax with us to hand out the sandwiches and all I can say is ~What A Blessing~ Lani helped hand out the bags and Dax would hand them an orange. We had a little food left over and the two of them were so excited to give people extra food. If you ask Lani about it, she will tell you that she did God's work and helped people who don't have any food. I'm so glad they went and we plan on taking them back this Saturday as well.

~It's almost my Birthday!! My last year in my twenties ~ What am I going to do? I feel so old, When I was 18 - almost 30 seemed so far away and looking back, it has gone by so quickly - I'm going to make 29 the best year ever!!!

~Jarod helped me clean and vacuum my car this weekend - WOOHOO - I'm going to try my best to keep it clean.

~I entered a few things at a local consignment sale last week and ended up making $85! I love Free money - Well it seems free, because usually I just give my things away and I will continue to do that as well, but I'm going to start entering items in the consignment sales more often!!

~I didnt' realize I had so many maternity clothes. For the majority of my pregnancy, my clothes have been in storage. Well, i was able to get them yesterday and - WOW- i should have a new outfit to wear everyday until Harper's arrival - It made my day - I love clothes and I didn't have to go spend money on anything new!!!! Thanks Kate for keeping them in stoarge and for letting me borrow some of your clothes as well!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

~Friday Flashback~

A year ago - Dax got his first haircut at the Barber Shop! He now loves Jarod giving him haircuts in the bathroom!

We then enjoyed a nice afternoon at The Botanical Gardens in Clemson - They were being so nice to each other - I wish they did this everyday :) No really they do love each other, but they have learned how to get on each others nerves!!!