Friday, February 27, 2009

Skate Party

The cake...Cinderella actually lights up!!!

Skating with GiGi's

Lani and Cam

Opening Presents....Last Birthday, Lani would get distracted and we would have to tell her she had more presents to open. It was completely different this year, she couldn't open them fast enough!!!

Bailey, Jada and Lani

I have to brag about my Jeep Purchase! Lani's first question, when we were talking about her turning 3, was can I drive a pink car and pick up all my friends. Lani begged and begged for a pink car. After pricing them, I had decided that Lani would not be getting a pink car. However, I was talking about how much she wanted the car, and Lani's Sunday School teacher said she had one she would sell me. So, we got the Jeep for $30!!! It is in really good shape. Lani absolutely loves her new pink car!!!

Playing dress up in her new dress up clothes...She was in "Rockstar" mode..

Princess time...Lani thinks these pink gloves are the greatest thing ever!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lani!

My Lani Bug is 3 years old today!!! She had a great time at her skate party last night...Pictures will be posted later!

I do have a funny story to tell about this day, 3 years ago. Shortly after Lani was born, like 30 seconds after she was born, Jarod stated to me that Lani weighed 10 pounds and 19 ounces. I was in shock! I was drugged up, excited, nervous, and just had a c-section. I then hear J run to the nurses and ask, she really weighs 10 pounds and 19 ounces? The nurse laughs and says, we don't know how much she weighs yet, we will find that out in the nursery. 10:19 was the time she was born. A few minutes later we found out she weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces. It never occurred to J, or me, that there are not 19 ounces in a pound.

Happy Birthday Lani!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gatti Town

It has been about a year since we went to Gatti Town. This was the first time Dax was able to join in on the fun! Lani and Dax both had a great time!!!

~They never look at the camera at the same time!

Playing Basketball

Riding the Dragon

Strike a pose...

Awww...His first time on the Carousel. He was a little nervous at first, but loved it once it started moving!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturdays are great because.....

1-I get to sleep as late as Lani and Dax will let me. Which is usually 7:30, but that's better than J's 5:30 alarm during the week!

2-Shopping!!! I love shopping on Saturdays with my mom. I don't get nearly as much "for me" anymore, but Lani and Dax always rack up.

3-No work!!! I dont' even have to clean the house if I don't feel like it!!

4-Football...I know it's the wrong season, but Football Saturdays are so much fun!!!!

5-Fun with my fam...We usually have something to do on Saturday's....We are going to Gatti Town tonight and I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yes, I do claim this man as my Husband :)

Anyone that knows Jarod, is aware that he can be a little crazy! This is what happened after we spent a little too much time in the Dollar Tree. "J-Rod" may now be called "J-Pimp" Just teasin!!!!

And this is what happens when you have a daddy's girl....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

We had a great time at the circus last Saturday! An hour before the circus started, Lani and Dax enjoyed the Pre-Show and met clowns and other Circus Performers. Lani and Dax had a great time....We will definitely be attending next year!

I think L was a nervous...

Yeah, he was ready to get away from her...

Dax loved it!! He sat like this the entire time...Well, almost the entire job....He did like watching the elephants and clowns!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So that's what little brother's are for....

I was getting ready to leave for the cirucs - Lani and Dax were playing in their rooms. Well when I went to get them ready, this is what I found. Dax was standing there, as still as could be, while Lani was decorating him with her stickers. Lani was having fun and Dax didn't seem to mind. I just hope she doesn't put make-up on him anytime soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hannah Montana?!?!?!

Monday at the Doctor's office Lani decides that she wants Hannah Montana stickers. Not just one, but three Hannah Montana stickers. I showed her Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, but no it was all about Hannah Montana. I'm a little confused - How does she know who Hannah Montana is...Don't five year olds like Hannah Montana? We go to Publix and she instantly spots a Hannah Montana balloon..Which the entire store became aware, because she is yealling at the top of her lungs...Yay-Hannah Montana....I'm still confused and ask Lani...Where do you watch Hannah Montana, and she tells me that you don't watch Hannah Montana, and that you listen to her sing. Ok, so maybe they listen to her music at daycare, which is better than Puff Daddy or Marilyn Manson...So we get home and I'm flipping through the channels and she spots...Hannah Montana, but after 2 minutes she is ready to watch Diego! I was excited, because she is only 2..Well, she will be 3 in a few weeks, but I'm just not ready for Hannah Montana. I'm sure she is a nice girl and her show is great, but I'm not in that mode yet. I like that she watches Dora,Diego, Wonder Pets and all of those shows. I guess I'm sad because she is growing up so quickly...Hopefully Hannah can wait a few more years!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Allen Update....

-Friday night we helped out with the Youth lock-in at Church. So much fun with so little sleep....I actually did sleep a little, Jarod didn't sleep at all. Lani stayed as well and had tons of fun....
-No naps on Saturday, off to a baby shower, then Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunt with the college and Career! That was a lot of fun too. You can see some of our pics on facebook. Amber and I should have been the grand prize winners, but Jarod is so competitive and we now share the title :)
-Sunday, time for church....and a lazy afternoon! However, I had two children with fevers! But I couldn't take their temperature's because both of the thermometer's were broken! Sunday night Lani and Dax both woke up and had to cuddle with mommy and daddy before being moved back to their bed.
So today has not gotten any better! I had to pay for two separate visits at the doctor's office. I was given six prescriptions, with a total of $60 at the pharmacy. Well I get home and decided I would catch up on some laundry...and guess what...A BROKEN WASHING MACHINE!!!! I know it is going to get better!!!