Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Saturday, I attended The Ladies Football Clinic and it was so much fun.  Not only did we have a great time, but it was a chance to raise money for Dabo's Foundation and learn about cancer research and breast cancer.  This was my first time at the clinic, but I will definitely be back next year. 

Tiger Time! 


My Friend, Jen's, camera.  Her digital camera died and she found this in a drawer at her house.  It made me giggle that she still had one of these. 

Locker Room 

My Aunt Carol, who isn't really my aunt. :) 

Yeah, not really sure why I thought this was a good idea.  This helmet was smelly.

This is Bobby.  Bobby reminded us all day that we needed to hustle and not take pictures while walking. 

The player is Tony Steward.  We learned all the steps it took to recruit him and then we got to meet him and ask him questions.  Recruiting was my favorite topic that day.  Learning about offense was OK, but not my fave.  Defense really taught me a lot.  I learned about safety's and how they can trick the offense.  I actually began to understand plays and what the X's and O's mean when it is written on paper.  I was proud of myself. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


In less than a MONTH, my Lani Bug, will attend her first day of kindergarten.  Where has the time gone.  Is she ready - Oh yes!  And pumped up!  Am I ready - Yes and No. I have my moments, but everything is going to be fine.  My cousin, Wendy, is a 6th grade teacher at Lani's new school, so at least someone familiar is going to be close by.  Not that it matter's to Lani, who thinks she is 15 instead of 5! :) So what's going on with Lani these days.....
-She is an awesome big sister.  At times, she does get annoyed with her younger siblings, that it quickly passes.  She loves them both so much!
-She would rather lay out in the sun on a beach towel than swim in the pool.  She does swim, she just likes to get her tan on too.
-She can clean her own room!  This might sound crazy, but it's important when there are two others that haven't mastered this skill yet.
-Lani loves Taylor Swift, iCarly, the song "Country Girls Shake It For Me" (I can't believe I just admitted that on here)
-Lani says the sweetest prayers at night and usually doesn't leave anyone or their scratches, bruises or sick dogs out of her prayers.
-Lani takes her bible everywhere in her purse.  She says she learned at VBS that she needs to pray and read her bible. 
-Lani has decided that she doesn't want to take dance again next year.  She has decided that she might try baton.  Why?  Because she doesn't think she will have to move her legs as much.   Oh my. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 11, 2011

This post.... completely random!  You have been warned! :) A lot has been going on since my last post and the NKOTBSB concert.  So much, that I haven't had a chance to blog! 

We have spent, like most of our summer's, a lot of time at the pool or at the lake.  The weekend of the fourth was basically a pool/lake weekend and it wore us out!  The kids love it and it was a fun weekend.  Jarod also put new flooring down in our living room, which I LOVE,  so he was really the exhausted one. 

Lake time - Watching the fireworks in Clemson! 

Fun on the tube!! 

I told you everyone was tired!  She takes the best naps on the boat - even in the life jacket.  Lucky for us, she doesn't seem to mind the life jacket and doesn't fuss when we put it on her! 

Lani took this pic, which turned out pretty good. 

Who is this baby??  Well, I have a new role in my life - I'm an aunt and this is my niece - Haley Parker Forrest.  She was born 7-11-11 and weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces.  She is super cute!!!