Friday, March 27, 2009

My Loves

Kate tagged me! I have to write about 7 things I "love!" I hope you enjoy!

1-God - I love God and I love my church. I see God's work everyday with Lani and Dax, Jarod and even at work. He has done so much for me and I am forever grateful! I love everything about about Covenant and the people there are GREAT!

2-Lani and Dax: I always knew I would enjoy being a mom! Lani and Dax are awesome. Lani is full of life, very opinionated, dramatic, a good mix between girly and not-so-girly. Dax has a smile that will melt your heart and he loves to cuddle. Dax is definitely a mama's boy. Dax is just so happy, calm and loves to laugh.

3-Jarod: He is a great husband and father! I can depend on him for anything and he does his best to support my spending habits and love for clothes.

4-Finding a Really Good Sale: I love to shop. I love to spend money. There are times, when I really feel like I need Retail therapy...But I like good deals. I love finding clothes at The Children's Place for $1.97. Old Navy is great, because the tag may say one thing, but it ends up being a lot cheaper when you get to the register - that just makes my day!

5-Sports...I love the smell of football season....Yes, I did say the smell...I can't describe it, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I love high school football on Friday Nights, and Clemson on Saturdays - and there's nothing like a Sunday afternoon Clemson Baseball game.

6-Sperry's - I know this is random...but J got me a pair for my birthday and I absolutely Love them! I don't' know why I waiting so long to get a pair....I could wear them every day!

7-Old High School Friends - I love thinking about when Melissa and I decided to take a walk and our mom's thought we were lost...I think that was the first time I had been to her house, and our many trips to the Crystal Pistol -yes we were professional line dancers! And our boy crazy days. Oh and all of Outback days...Me, Mel, Kate and Sara. Oh and Sara and our wreck, and me thinking she had a sleeping disease. Kate and our ticket on the way to prom and cheerleader days and singing so loud on the bus. I love the fact that we can just pick up where we left off...Hahaha and when Jenna showed up to my birthday party a WEEK EARLY, and our late night four wheeler adventure. And who can forget our trip to the beach....Who can forget "Boom Boom Boom" and Mel's broke rib! I love the fact that these girls are still a part of my life!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Husband Hacker Alert!!

Yes. I still like New Kids on the Block.

Yes. I can still do The Right Stuff dance.

Yes. I am as cool as Donnie Wahlberg.

Yes. I do look BETTER than Jordan Knight when I wear a white shirt the flings open when I stand in front of a fan.

By the way, I am still pumped up after that awesome concert.

Yes, I did go see NKOTB Again!

Jarod and I went to see NKOTB in Greenville last night. I went with my mom to the last concert and I thought that NKOTB was something J needed to experience. Jarod did attend "The Magic Summer Tour" in 1990 - so he knows all about New Kids. I just though I would share a few things that came out of my husbands mouth last night - I hope you enjoy!

New Kids: Oh oh oh oh the right Stuff
J: I used to do that same dance in my bedroom

J, Commenting on Donnie Wahlberg: I want to be just like him!

Ok...So for this last one - Jordan Knight was singing and had his white shirt unbutton with a fan blowing...You get the idea -

J: What is so special about him...I look just like that!
Me: HaHa...

We also had a conversation about how pumped up he was leaving the concert - and if he were a professional athlete - he would be ready to play because the concert pumped him up so much!

We had a lot of fun...obviously I'm not the only obsessed New Kid Groupie in my family!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Little Laugh...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I hope all of you wore Green and are not getting pinched ALL DAY!! So this morning, as I'm getting Lani dressed, I tell her she gets to wear a green shirt for St. Patrick's day. Ok - So I get this "Lani Look" and she tells me she has to wear Pink on "Patrick's Day." I don't respond and put the green shirt on her anyways. As we are walking down stairs, she ask "Mommy when do we have Sponge Bob Day?" I tell her Sponge Bob doesn't have a day and head out the door. Lani decides to make up a song onthe way to school and this is how it goes...

Happy Patrick Star Fish Day
Sponge Bob Doesn't have a Day
My wear Pink
Happy Patrick Star Fish Day
Happy Patrick star Fish Day ( For 15 minutes!!)

So I came to this conclusion:

My child has no idea what St. Patrick's Day is.....However, she know Patrick form Sponge Bob and that what she feels like we are celebrating. I had a good morning laugh!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lani's Hair Cut

Lani had her first hair cut last week. I have trimmed it a few times at home, but it had gotten out of control! I love her new hair cut and I think it will look neater now as it grows.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Cute Kids

The weather was GREAT last weekend and we enjoyed it by spending time outside. We had a picnic at Botanical Gardens. Lani and Dax had fun running around, playing on the train and looking at an empty duck pond.

I can never catch them both looking at the camera at the same time....but this is close enough!

So sweet

I love this face he makes!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1st Hair Cut

Dax had his first hair cut today at the Barber Shop. As you can tell in the first pic, he had this pre-rat tail/mullet thing going on that had to GO! He did great!

Sitting with daddy.

Dax didn't really like the cape...He kept looking for his hands.

Such a big boy!

The rat tail is history!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yes, my child thinks she is a Diva...She would not leave the house without her sunglasses, she complained because her boots didn't match her coat, and she wanted the snow wiped off her gloves every few minutes!
Ok..So I know everyone is about to laugh and his clothes, but that's ok. Grandma Brown gave this snow suit to Lani one Christmas, and being the Diva that she is, she wouldn't wear it. Dax had to wear Lani's gloves, because he doesn't have any that fit...Yes they are purple with pink polka dots. His camo hat just ties it all together :) It was so funny trying to want him get up out of the snow when he would fall.

They had a great time in the snow ~ It was so much fun watching them play a build a "snow bear" That's what Lani and Devin, our neighbor, decided to call it. Really it just looked like a pile of snow, but that had so much fun!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Love this one....He was in the middle of saying "WEEEEEE"

I would call him pretty, but my husband would correct me and make me say "Handsome"

This would have been so much better if I had a tissue....Or Sarah Ellen...where is she when I need her?!?!?