Monday, April 27, 2009

A little of this and that!

-I had a Premier Jewelry Party a few weeks ago and guess what - I earned $302 worth of FREE JEWELRY! For all of you bargain hunters - I had my party at the right time...In the month of April all of the perks were doubled. It was great! My freebies are suppose to arrive today and I'm super excited!!!

-Dax has decided to think bugs are fun. He loves finding caterpillars, lady bugs and well anything else crawling around. Just one problem though - He doesn't know how to be gentle with them. When he does find a caterpillar, it is quickly followed by yucky green stuff, because he squeezes too hard. Oh and with lady bugs, he picks it up and you immediately hear "CRUNCH."

-If Lani ever gets into trouble at school, it will be for Talking! My child loves to talk. Ok well she probably gets that from me. I did have problems with talking during school. She would talk all day and night to anyone about anything. She has also developed a love for the telephone and wants to call poeple a lot.

-We had lunch at Fuddruckers yesterday and Lani noticed the young people behind us didn't say the blessing. What does she do - Well she decides to announce it as loud as she can "these people didn't say the blessing. Why didn't they say it mommy?" So, once the group made their hamburgers, they did say the blessing. Yeah - kind-of embarrassing. I didn't have time to stop her. J was fixing his hamburger and Dax was covered in cheese sauce!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~Six Flags~

We had a great time at Six Flags last Saturday. It wasn't too crowded and the weather was great. Lani was fearless and loved the rides. Lani did miss Dax and asked about him ALL DAY!!

Dancing with Daffy.

Batman and Robin

Lani loved these cars! She immediatly told my mom to sit in the back ~ She wanted to drive all by herself!

No Hands!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pics

Friday Night ~ Time to Dye Eggs with Aunt J!!!!

I tried all day to get a picture of them together! However, this is the best I could do.

My family just wasn't into taking pics on Easter...As you can tell, I'm the only one wanting to look at the camera.

I told Lani to sit "Indian Style" and this is what I get...Her hand over her mouth making Indian sounds. She proudly exclaimed "Mommy, I'm an Indian"

This is definitely my favorite. Dax was checking out my mom's neighbors dog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Quick Trip to Atlanta....

J and I were off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. J starts his new job Monday and we thought we should take a few days off, because he won't have much time built up to take a real vacation this summer. For the past three weeks, we have been going back and forth with our plans. We discussed going to the beach, mountains, Charleston or just taking a few day trips. Well - we could never agree...So on Wednesday, I took Lani and Dax to have pics made, Thursday - we stayed home and did yard and house work and Friday we decided to head to ATL for a trip to the Aquarium....This is what we saw when we arrived....A huge, long line. It was 11:00 when we got there and we decided we better feed our children before we even think about getting in that line....

We notice a Johny Rockets across the street and head inside. By the way, the Allen family loves Johny Rockets!!! Dax is enjoying his Ketchup and Ranch. He loves to dip. I'm so afraid that one day he's going to ask for "thirty packs of Ketchup." (Frankenstein from "Big Daddy")

As we are leaving Johny Rockets, we notice that the Aquarium line was much shorter. I was going on and on about J having such a great idea about getting lunch first. So we get at the end of the much shorter line. However, we are quickly approached by Aquarium staff that informs us that if we have tickets that we are in the wrong line. Well, we didn't have tickets..who would have thought about buying Aquarium tickets ahead of time. So she then tells us that tickets will not be sold until 3 o'clock. WHAT!?!?! It was only 12, what were we going to do. We are then informed if we wanted to go to the Zoo or Coca-Cola world we could but tix for the Aquarium and kind-of cheat about getting in quicker. So we walk next door and notice the Coke line moving very quickly...Another good idea...So we thought. We then noticed another huge line that wasn't moving at all. We were then told that one line was for purchasing ticket (the moving line) and one line was for entering (the non-moving line).
We then try going to The Children's Museum, which only had a line of about 20 people. However, the wait time to go in was an hour and a half. Lani then tells us she needs to potty really bad and she can't hold it. GREAT! We couldn't get into any building, how was Lani going to use the potty. So we find a public restroom in Centennial Park. We then hear an announcement about a free fountain show beginning in 5 minutes. We head to the fountain....I mean we have to do something while we are in Atlanta...

So we watch a fountain show. The show lasted maybe 6 minutes. It was ok...The fountain was synchronized to music...I mean it's not like we have this in Anderson. So we head back to the car, after being stopped three times by people asking if we were visiting from Boston. If you notice in the pic above. Lani and Dax have on Red Sox hats and J is wearing a Boston Celtics shirt. On the third stop, J tells then "No, we are not from Boston, but my wife is a huge New Kids On the Block fan and she makes us dress like this." Ok so I wanted to run over my husband with the stroller. I think those crazy people actually believed him and I couldn't get away from them any faster...that was very embarrassing.

We then decide to head to a mall. Our first stop was the American Girl store. Oh my! Do you know how much these dolls cost? Lani fell in love with a doll that has her same haircut. We managed to get out of the store without a doll, but only by saying "let mommy and daddy think about it." Store number two - The Disney Store -Thankfully Lani found a "Little Mermaid" bag for $5! She begged for the bag and said, I dont' want a doll anymore! Yes - We saved $90! Lani and Dax then discover the carousel. However, the token machine was broken. The Carousel attendant tells us everyone can ride for FREE!! YAY ~ I love saving money! Maybe our first stop should have been the mall!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

~So Easy To Please~

Conversations with Lani...

Me: So Lani we are off the next few days, would you like to go to the beach or maybe the mountains?
Lani: No
Me: You don't want to go to the beach?
Lani: No, you can just take me to Target, They have stickers there!

*I'm going to remember this conversation when she is begging to go to Senior Week and offer her a Target gift card!

The next day....
Me: Lani - we are going to go to the Aquarium tomorrow to see lots of fish. Are you excited?
Lani: No, I just want to go to Chick-fil-a and get an ice cream.
Jarod: I wish you were this easy to please!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Hunt and Spring Jubilee

Lani ~ Ready to hunt eggs!

Dax thought it would be easier to fill his basket if her just sat down!

A little air under the dress!

Face painting at the Spring Jubilee!



Sharing the funnel cake...that she stole from ME!!

Sportin his hat backwards

Go Red Sox!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

~Lani Language~

A few things that my silly 3 year old says...

Lapkin: (napkin) She calls it a lapkin, because she says you "put it in your lap." I correct her, but she then tells me I am wrong - "It's not for when you take a nap, it goes in your lap."

Last Day: (yesterday) Actually this is any day except for today. For Example: Santa came to my house last day.

Ring In's: (ear rings) Lani refers to ear rings as ring in's, because I say "Lani, let me put your ear rings in. Therefore, they are now called Ring in's.

Sish: (fish)....She's not very good at pronouncing her F's. We work on this letter on a daily basis.

Moolah: (Murrah) My maiden name, my mom's last name. Lani has trouble with double r's too.