Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rub~A~Dub~Dub~Fun in the Tub~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Where did that come from~

Last night we were sitting on the couch and Jarod was doing something...I don't remember what it was...I looked at Lani and said - "Daddy is silly." Lani responds "No he's not, daddy is a broken window." Really a broken window? I asked her where she heard someone called a broken window and she blames me. We really had a good laugh!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

~A Great Purchse~

We were in the Dollar Tree Friday Night and found these awesome puzzles. At first Lani said she didn't need it and put it back on the shelf, but some how we ended up bringing it home. Well the puzzle has been a hit. It is 10:00am right now, and she has probably worked it 8 times. She loves it. She puts it together, breaks it apart and starts all over....She doesn't even need any help! She starts with the same pieces every time, the pink and purple bears and then goes from there...I'm really thinking about heading back to the DT and purchasing every puzzle they have!!

When she first started working the puzzle, she tried pushing the pieces together and it didn't work too good. Jarod and Jeff explained to her that she had to pick the pieces up and put them together. Well she picked the pieces up....over her head...She doesn't do it every time, but occasionally, she will ask...Mommy do I need to pick it up? If I answer "yes" this is what she does...So cute!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Super Fun Saturday!!!

We started the day by attending Jarod's basketball game...I had all intentions of taking some pics, but that didn't happen....Lani did walk to the water fountain with Emily and the with Brantley and when she got back, she explained to me how fun the water fountain is. Lani loves water fountains. We then headed to the McConnell's for Alyssa's birthday party.

~Alyssa and Lani~

Dax found a fun decoration....

and turned it into a game....Peek-A-Boo!!!

Lani hanging with the big girls on the trampoline!

After the party...It didn't take long for this to happen....She was exhausted!!!

~Skateland - We had somuch fun!!!

~Amber~Sarah Ellen~Stephanie


This one is my favorite...not really sure what they are doing though...

Cha-Cha Slide....Yeah that was hard on Skates...
It looks like Thomas is the only one that got "left foot let's stomp"

When I went to pick up Lani and Dax, at 11:00, this is what I found...definetly NOT two sleeping babies! Lani and Dax were being pulled in a sweat shirt all over Rick's house...They were having so much fun and didn't want to go home. Dax was asleep before we got out of the drive way, but not Lani. When she asked where daddy was, I told her playing X-Box with Jeff....She fought sleep until we got home, because she just had to see Jeff and argued with me that Sarah Ellen was playing X Box too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Moments

1- I love the way Lani and Dax are so excited to see each other in the mornings.....The hug and smile and just love each other! It is the sweetest thing ever.

2-Dax looks so cute in his Clemson hat and his Boston Red Sox hat...It makes me happy that he likes to wear them. And I love the way he pats his head to show off his hat to everyone.

3-I love to hear Lani sing "You are my sunshine" it is so sweet. I think it is hilarious that she continues singing Christmas songs. Jingle Bells is her "favorite" and you better not try to sing it with her. You will be told that is her song and that she doesn't want you to sing.

4-We have a house full of new toys, but yet Lani would rather play with a 28 year old snoopy blanket. It makes me happy, because this was my blanket. I would run down our hallway (whn I was little!!) with snoopy blanket on my back, screaming super girl at the top of my lungs, jumping onto a small trampoline and doing tricks onto my bed. I know it is crazy, but it makes me happy that she can have fun with snoopy too.

5-I am such a groupie....and I check the NKOTB website daily to check their summer 2009 tour schedule....Anyone want to join me? I will be there! I can't wait.....I guess you just had to be at the last concert!!!

6-I love the fact that my hubby is better. It all started with a broken foot....I really hope nothing else happens.

7-Kid's Consignment Sales - I am ready to make some money and clean out a closet!!!!

8-I am so happy that it is getting colder again. 70 degree weather in December was starting to get on my nerves.

9- Oh and yeah, I'm sure you have all read about me venting on people who don't help open the door....Well...Yesterday Me, Lani and Dax, were at Chick-Fil-A before church, my hands were full and this college age guy held the door for me....He even had to wait for me to get to the door. I was very impressed. However, he then threw a peice of ice at his friend and it hit ME in the head...But I didn't care, I have probably hit a few people with ice myself and it was kind of funny seeing his embarrassed look on his face.

10- The other day, when it was like 75 degrees, I could smell "baseball" in the air. Not just any baseball, but Clemson baseball...ooohhh I can't wait. I love some Tiger Baseball!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little of this and a little of that.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! New year's eve we had the College and Career Class over to bring in 2009. We all dressed from our favorite decade and had a great time!

Ansley~Sarah Ellen~Amber

The Girls...

The Gator Bowl must have been to much for Dax. He must have cheered too hard for the Tigers....Too bad they lost...I was really hoping for a victory!!!

Jarod had to have surgery Sunday I spent Saturday night sleeping in a hospital recliner. Lani and Dax spent the evening with my mom, Rick, Emily and Scott. I was so tired that I was pretty much letting my kids do what ever they wanted....Lani brought home all these stickers and paint....Someone told her should could only paint with her mommy, so how could I say no....As I was helping Lani with her artistic abilities....This is what I found in my dryer....I was in the middle of laundry and forgot to close the dryer door...

Dax thought this was the coolest thing ever...Every time I would reach for him, the harder he would laugh...He really did have a good time in the dryer...

OK...So Lani is a girl - You would think she would enjoy painting, flowers, butterflies, princesses, ladybugs....Well, not this Lani....She painted a picture of a purple dragon....I had to help her with the fire coming out of his mouth....She was a little upset that he couldn't be a pink dragon, (we didn't have pink paint) but maybe next time.