Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing In The Sand...

Scott decided one day that he wanted to dig a hole...So he worked and worked - for about 30 minutes! He also had a little help from his side kick for week, Dax!

Dax loved plying in the hole!

Wow! They both fit in the hole!

We got a little bored and decided to fill in the hole.

Scott - What a big head you have!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Few More Pics From Myrtle Beach..

This is Lani riding a sea horse that was in one of the kiddie pools. She thought this was her horse and if she saw any other children playing on it she got a little jealous!

Emily riding this big stuffed Tiger with Dax...I thought I was getting out of riding an animal, until Lani needed help driving her elephant.

The Girls at Broadway..

Dax getting in the pool.

This was a view from the balcony - I usually stayed in after lunch so L and D could take a nap.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Monday, we headed to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the sun! I will try to post a few pictures everyday!

Lani with her Ariel beach ball that blew away as soon as she sat it down!

Dax had with his mouth full of sand...I don't think it tasted as good as he thought it would :)

Playing in the sand!

Just us ~ J couldn't get off of work for the beach....He did meet us in Charleston on Friday and joined us for the wedding!

Oh let me tell you...I thought this car stroller would be an excellent idea. HAHA! Lani and Dax fought over the front seat the entire time. Dax was tired of dealing with he and he bit, scratched and pinched. It was terrible! From now on - Separate Strollers!!!!
*Stay Tuned For More Fun Times From The Beach and WEDDING PICS!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm on VaCaTiOn...

Yes - Today was my last day of work until July 27th!!! Here are my vacation plans...J and I are headed to ATL tomorrow with Jenna for a concert. We are spending the night and coming home on Sunday! Monday - Lani, Dax and I are headed to the Beach with My mom, Rick, Emily and Scott...J can't join us :( He doesn't have any vacation time built up yet! Friday, Jarod is going to meet us in Charleston, Saturday - My mom's getting married ~ In Charleston...Sunday we will be heading home...Ummm~I may need a vacation from my vacation!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

-Saturday night, I received TERRIBLE news. Melissa, a very close friend of mine, informed me that her nephew, Miller Dimond had been diagnosed with cancer (neuroblastoma). Miller is 3 years old! Please pray for the entire Dimond family! Miller will be having more test tomorrow, so please pray for positive results.

-Dax is showing an interest in the potty. He does it a little backwards, but hey - that's progress. When is diaper is dirty - he says potty and we take him in there. He has already used it in his diaper, but I sit him on the potty anyways.

-Saturday we went tubing with our Sunday School class. We had so much fun!!! Lani went with us and loved every minute of it. Well until she tried putting her hands in the water and flipped out of her tube. She did get a little bored towards the end, but other than that, she did great. I know we will be taking that trip again.

-5 more days of work, then it's VACATION!!! On Saturday we are going to a concert in ATL for Jenna's birthday. Monday - Mom, Rick, Emily, Scott, Lani, Dax and I are headed to the beach. Friday - Jarod is going to meet us in Charleston and Saturday is the wedding!! I'm a little sad Lani is missing her first year of VBS, but I'm sure we will be having tons of fun!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend - By: Lani and Dax

1. Mommy decided to wake us up early on her day off. We went to Proshots to have our pictures made. We then went to Target with Gigi's...Dropped a ICEE in the 1 spot section and had several melt downs (that all related to ICEE'S).
2-We then decide to go to Gigi's house...We got frustrated because we couldn't find our toys. (Gigi's had them stashed in the closet, in case a buyer came to look at the house).
3-We fell asleep on the way home and our mommy wakes us. We had only been asleep for about 20 minutes!
4-We head to Rick's for a fun boat ride. We rode to Clemson to enjoy a Firework show! Sorry - no pics, my mommy's camera was dead!
5-Saturday - Happy Fourth of July! We decide to wake up at 7:30, who cares that it is SATURDAY! Lani helps Mommy make brownies - Dax licks the spoon when we are finished.
6- We head to Betty's for some fun in the sun and to celebrate Brooklyn's 6th Birthday.
7-We had a great time on the water slide - You really should have seen my mommy and daddy on the slide. My mommy got stuck on the slide, but I didn't want everyone to laugh at her by posting a pic :)

8-We love swimming in Betty's pool! Dax is all over the place and loves his swimmies. Lani did not get out of the pool until 10:00!!!
9-Party Time...We were so excited about the pinata!!! Dax loved using the bat!

10 - We jumped, flipped and swam ALL DAY!!!

11- I was sleeping soooo good. Until my mommy thought I just had to see the fire works. I had a hard time waking up, but I snuggled with my mommy outside and loved the fireworks!

12 - Sunday...We headed to church, then to Mamaw's and Poppa's for another boat ride.
13-I loved it when my daddy would dip me in the water and throw me in the air. It was so much fun!!!

14-I had a great time pretending to be a bird! Daddy would hold me in the air and I would flap my little arms and say "tweet tweet." Well - Until I decided I wanted to be a butterfly, then I just flapped my arms.

15 - My mommy, daddy, Aunt J and Cory played way too much Wii. We had supper and then ate some yummy Watermelon.

*We had a great weekend. But we were so tired!!! Amber had to put us in time out on Monday and we were getting on each other's nerves. (Sibling Rivalry has begun!!!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

HELP!!! Take The Hair Brush AWAY From My Daddy!!!

Yes - This is one hairstyle. Lani did have all of these hair bows in her hair at one time. And....Jarod sent her outside to play, and we ended up talking to the neighbors. However, Lani was very proud of her new do.