Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Dax Kind Of Day

Just thought I would share a little about Dax these days! What does he love: Harper (everyday), Lani (most of the time), Lightning McQueen - We watch this moving at least once a day. Baseball, and anything related to baseball. He watches baseball games and absolutely loves the movie The Sandlot - We watched it twice yesterday. If you notice in the picture above, he has on gardening gloves because he is pretending they are batting gloves - Now, Is this not a child that takes his baseball seriously?!?! Dax has also turned into a jokester and I'm afraid he may be the class clown - He will hide things from you and tell you he didn't! Dax's imagination has also blossomed over the past few weeks. He tells everyone he has three dogs and they live in a barn in our grass. We do not have any dogs or a barn, heck we barely have any grass in the back yard :) Dax also loves pretending to be super hero's, Spider-Man, Bat-Man and even Super Why! He also likes to wear his Clemson Hat wherever he goes!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here and There

What have we been up to? We have definitely been spending time indoors or either at the pool, because it has been blazing outside. Dax was able to spend time with a new friend, that will be in his class next year, at Chick-Fil-A. Lani enjoyed playing with him too. Saturday and Sunday we went to Betty's pool. Tuesday, Harper had a doctor's appointment and Lani had to go to the doctor today. Lani has a mild case of croup, but Dr. Maddox gave her some meds and should be 100% in a few days. I asked them to weigh Harper, and she is now up to 11 pounds and 7 ounces, she is getting to be a big girl! This afternoon, we decided to make daddy his favorite dessert - Banana Pudding!

Yesterday, we went to my great aunt and uncle's house. Lani and Dax were able to spend some time with their cousins, James and Maggie. Harper got to meet new people too! Look how brave my big girl is now. She has never been on a diving board before, until yesterday. And what did she do? Walk up to the diving board, got on and jumped in the water - no hesitation! Yes, it scared me a little, but her swimmies kept her afloat!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Someone is getting BrAvE!!!

Harper was five weeks old in Friday! She is a good baby - She usually only gets fussy when she is hungry, or Lani and Dax have worn out their welcome in her personal space.

This weekend, Harper was brave enough to get into the pool! Harper loves the bath tub, but it took her a few minutes to warm up tp the pool idea!!

Do you notice anything in this pic. Lani doesn't have her swimmies on!! Lani can touch the bottom at Betty's pool and decided to be brave enough to try swimming on her on - Well with mommy and daddy's help and supervision of course! She did a great job and is my little water bug!! She also mastered Jumping into the shallow in without swimmies!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Check These Out~

Thursday, Emily and I took the kiddos to the Botanical Gardens for a photo shoot :) Emily took all of these pics and I think she did a great job! Thanks Emily!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~Deal Of The Week~

I had $10 in register rewards at Walgreens and used it for some useful items....
What did I end up paying....You will never guess...
Woohooo - I love shopping!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What A Weekend!

Friday, I had my month after pregnancy doctor's appointment, so Betty took Lani and Dax to her house. I took Harper with me and we met Jarod for lunch. Harper and I then went to Betty's and spent time in the pool - Lani and Dax also enjoyed there first ice cream from an ice cream truck. Dax keeps referring to it as Road Ice Cream - haha!

Dax loves the water!

This is Lani showing me that she can touch the bottom! I can't believe she is old/tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool :(

Of course, Harper enjoyed her nap by the pool. I did put her in the water today! She loves to take a bath and she loved the pool too. She just couldn't stay in very long, because Dax was a little too close to her for comfort - I didn't want him to push her head under water or anything!!

The Ice Cream Truck - They loved it!!

Dax decided he wanted to try Batman Ice Cream.

As you can tell, he really enjoyed it!!

Lani decided on Pink Panther - basically pink is her favorite color!
Saturday morning we took a drive up to Walhalla and visited Stumphouse Tunnel. The kids loved it, and were not afraid at all!

Walking into the tunnel!

Climbing the rocks - the was as high as Dax went!

This is actually in front of Isaquenna Falls - a nice old man took our pic!
Saturday night was also a Family Fun Night, with Pizza at Melissa's house. My contribution was a brownie banana split pizza for dessert - It was yummy!
About a month ago, we had tickets to a drive game with the Hix's. Well, that game got rained out, so our new tickets were for Sunday. Boy, was it hot!! Harper stayed with my mom - too hot of a day for her. I have to say that Lani and Dax did very well, considering how hot it was! We were on the first row, so Dax was able to get a few autographs on his baseball!

Lani, Reedy, Dax

Autograph time!!!

Poor Dax - He stood like this, well most of the game. He would say, "I want a ball, throw me a ball." He got a little upset when someone hit a home run, because he thought it was his ball! I think we have a little baseball player on our hands :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh, How Time Flies!!

4 Weeks Old Already!!! I can't believe Harper has been here for a month already! Time goes by so quickly and it makes me sad :( Harper had a check-up at 3 weeks old and weighed 9 pounds and 10 ounces and had grown 1/2 an inch! Harper is a sweet baby and we all love her very much! Happy 4 weeks, Harper!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Thursday was Library Day! Lani loved the library, Dax - well not so much! Before we left, I was explaining to them that in the library you have to be quiet. As we are walking to the car Dax runs to the back yard, gets his baseball bat and tells me - "Lani go library, I go ballgame."

Harper, once again sleeping on our adventure!

This entertained Dax for maybe 3 minutes!

Thanks Emily for your help!

Dax was more interested in the statues! He even tried to climb on them!!

Lani's little finger - She was reading a book where you find different things. She loves those books!

Lani reading her book!
Lani was able to get her very own library card, and she is so excited about it. Lani checked out two books and we finally convinced Dax to check one out as well!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~So Far.....

We have been having fun this week. Monday we made and decorated newspaper swords, went swimming, I went to see Chris Daughtry and we have chilled out at home too.

This is how our swords began....

Lani and Dax painting and covering their swords in stickers.

Time to fight.

The finished product

Tuesday, we went to the pool with the Hix's - This was what Harper did the entire time!

After the pool = Chasing bubbles

~We're the three best friends, that anyone could have~
Lani's favorite song lyrics - hahaha

I know this isn't a good pic - and that shadow head, well let's just say, she was somewhat annoying - she danced even when music wasn't playing - Every time I attend a concert, I manage to be seated near the craziest people!
Wednesday we stayed at home all day, well until we headed to church.
What's in store for today? Maybe a trip to the library. Lani has been begging to go to the library, so we may take our first trip there today!

Monday, June 7, 2010

~Wedding Weekend~

A friend of mine, Sara got married this weekend and we all had a great time celebrating with her! Sara and I go way back - Our mom's were friend's and were in this friend group thing and the first time I met Sara, I think, was at my 5th birthday party. We went to different elementary schools, but became friends in Middle School, when all the Elementary schools joined together. We also cheered together in high school and have tons of high school memories!

Me~Kate~Sara~Melissa - At the Bridal Luncheon

Me and Melissa

Me and My Mom

After the Wedding with Sara

The Allen's

Pendleton People
Me -Josh Ables - Melissa - Kate

I have no idea what they were talking about in this pic!