Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reindeer Food, Rock Stars and Kinect

The day before Christmas Eve was very eventful.  Lani stuck a game piece up her nose and told me while I was at the ATM (sure would like to see that ATM camera video)  We had to make a stop by Rite-Aid to buy tweezers, so I could pull it out.  Emily was spending the afternoon with us, so she witness the nose excitement too.  Well, when we got home we did some baking - Oreo balls (I will admit, I am not a professional dipper - as in dipping things in chocolate) and  pumpkin roll.  The kids also made Reindeer Food.  We used Oatmeal, crushed pretzels, and sprinkles (we made our own recipe)

 Christmas Eve morning, we went to J's parents house to celebrate.  We had breakfast, played Rock Band and opened gifts.  The kids racked up with tons of new toys. 

Not only has Harper started crawling, she is now pulling up on EVERYTHING!! 

Jarod got a kinect for Christmas.  We have had lots of fun dancing, bowling and long jumping with our new kinect games.  We then went home for the kids to take a quick nap, then headed to Gigi's - More pics to follow soon with the rest of our Christmas Eve


Debbie Allen said...

I had wrapped one of J's presents in a box that my shredder came in. He honestly thought that I had given him a shredder! Took me a few minutes to convince him to open the box. He kept saying "It's a shredder. See on the box." We also gave him the Kinect that goes to his XBox 360. I forgot to wrap it so Ronnie put it in a trash bag. He handed J the trash bag and told him to start picking up the wrapping paper to throw away. Even though the trash bag was pretty heavy, what does J do? He starts stuffing in wrapping paper!! Ronnie finally told him that he thought J had put something other than paper in the bag and told him to empty it out. Duh! There was the Kinect. I think J was still asleep that morning!

What I Say Matters! said...

Friend!! Looks like Y'all had a great Christmas!!! too funny about the incident at the ATM!