Monday, January 16, 2012

Too Fast

There is a disassembled baby crib in my living room.  It has been here since December 29th.  It has a place to go, but I haven't been in such a hurry.  6 years ago, we put that crib together for Lani.  It stayed in her Ladybug themed nursery for 16 months.  At that time, we found out we were having a boy and had to get a boy, sports themed nursery ready.  We could have held off a few months, but we didn't want Lani to feel like she was getting kicked out of the crib for Dax so we decided to transition her to a big girl bed early.  For 24 months, the crib stayed in Dax's room, with a sweet little baby boy in it.  Then we find out, baby number 3, girl number 2, was on her way.  The crib goes back into Lani's room.  Not much of a theme this time.  Just tried to find accessories to match Lani's lavender room.  So sweet Harper slept in this same crib for 18 months.  Their room is not very big, and with two beds in there, not much room to play.  So for Christmas, Lani and Harper get bunk beds!  YAY! Time to transition again.  I was so excited about it.  Until I started taking the crib apart.  This is the first time in 6 years that crib has been taken apart and unoccupied and it made me a little teary, which caused Jarod to roll his eyes at me, but I don't care.  It seems like last year that I had Lani, not almost 6 years ago.  It is not like me to hold onto things like this, but I think this one little thing is OK to get a little sentimental about.  However, it is on my to-do list - take the crib back to Wendy.  On a more positive note - Harper loves sleeping in a big girl bed and Lani loves sleeping up top.  Dax is next on the list for a new bed.  He can't wait to sleep "up high."  Maybe a loft bed for him.  We will see. 


The Burleys said...

I don't blame you for being sentimental. We recently gave away the carseat we brought both girls home from the hospital in. I made Jason actually be the one to take it to the Christian Services office ... I probably would have brought it back home to have it bronzed or something :)

Jeff, Sarah Ellen, and Beck said...

That made me teary-eyed. I am so not looking forward to that day.