Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harper Loves....

1 - Shoes.  She is very picky about the shoes she wears each day.  She usually picks shoes that match her outfits.  On those few days that her shoes look crazy, well I just let them look crazy.  It's not worth the fight.  When she is set on the shoes she wants to wear, that's it.  There is no changing her mind.

2 - Monsters - She like playing monsters with Dax and Lani.  Especially at Gigi's and Rick's house.  She also loves reading "Where the Wild Things Are", "The Monster At The End Of This Book," and "I see a monster" (This book has had it - the lift-a-flaps no long exists, pages are ripped, and the cover is ugly.

3 - Diamonds - Well, this is a crazy story.  The other day, I decided, at the last minute, not to wear my diamond.  My fingers must have been a little swollen and it just felt tight and uncomfortable.  Well, instead of taking my ring upstairs and putting it in it's usual location, I put it on the table under our tv.  I was being lazy and didn't want to walk upstairs.  So when we got home About an hour after we got home, I thought to muself, I better put my ring up.  But when I went to get it, it was gone.  I began to panic and cry.  Lani was helping me look, Dax was asleep, and Harper would just grin when I would ask her when my ring was.  I had cried, called Jarod, and looked everywhere.  As I was praying to God to help me find my ring, I saw a twinkle under the edge of the couch.  At first, I doubted that it was my ring.  then it caught my eye again, so I decided to look.  YAY!! I found my ring!!! Harper starts clapping and says "my pretty, my pretty." As I am putting it on my finger, she says, "that's mine, that's mine." So I then ask, "Harper were you playing with my ring?"  She says no, which in Harper language means YES!  She continued to cry for my ring, saying mine, mine, mine.  When I asked her who hid my ring under the couch she laughed and said "daddy."  I am so glad I found it.  Next time I decide not to wear it, it is going to be safely placed in my jewelry box.